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My workshops are held at Rapkyns Old Stables situated just outside the village of Broadbridge Heath near Horsham, West Sussex. It provides a peaceful and relaxed environment for small group workshops and we have animals on site - sheep, chickens and dogs, who help with your learning experience. The workshops are suitable for all learning abilities and are facilitated mainly by myself where I can share my knowledge and experience to guide you in your learning and healing. I give you comprehensive notes to take away with you so we can really focus on the practical aspects and ensuring that you have skills to go home with to help the animals you care for as well as yourself.


You will meet more people, like yourself, who want to heal themselves and others, help animals or just deepen their relationship with them. You will receive a sharing of experience and knowledge that is respectful of where you are on your personal healing journey as well as to your opinions and ideas so that we can all learn and support each other as we progress in our lives. Your learning experience will be positive, meaningful and fun which will increase your understanding of the healing world, as well as your confidence and skills. I look forward to welcoming you to our unique workshops and venue.

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If you would like to do a workshop with me please contact me as I am presently not able to organise set dates for workshops

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