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Changing the lives of people and their animals


I have had animals around me for most of my life from 'Red' the first family dog to 'Secret' the horse I bought with my first pay packet to having a smallholding with an assortment of animals over the years. Being responsible for the lives of the animals we have taken care of has had its ups and downs and inevitably one has to make difficult decisions at times.


More than anything else animals have brought a gift to our family, one of understanding that they are all sentient beings, they feel pain, pleasure, have desires, memories, make decisions and choices and like us their behaviour is moulded by their lifetime experiences.

Since I have been healing animals and teaching Animal Healing I have seen the amazing way they affect change in our lives. It is unspoken, non-judgemental, total acceptance of who we are there and then and, unconditional, in fact all the qualities of pure love, an energy vibration that brings healing to our soul.

This powerful love energy vibration is the basis of healing and I believe everyone has the potential to be healed and to be a healer to others. Animals are master teachers in showing us what we need to do and this is why I share my experiences and knowledge to help those of you who are searching for a new way to live your life and to better the lives of the animals you care for.  I would like to share parts of an email sent to me by a workshop participant who received healing from one of my horses, Bernard who has now sadly passed over:

'I'm positive it was a two way experience. I was immediately drawn to Bernard when we went into the stable and connected as soon as I met him. So when I first sat in the stable and watched the first 3 students ground themselves, I just felt my solar plexus hotting up! When I started to ground myself In front of Bernard there was an enormous shift - the fact that he had taken the time to stop what he was doing and look me in the eye was a huge thing for me to take in. It was at that point that I thought wow he can actually feel what I'm doing here! It was incredibly emotional and the energy he gave to me at that time could have blown me over - it was so strong and powerful - it immediately hit the spot and I felt a lifting/lightness in my soul. Just talking about it now I can feel it again. I've been feeling a bit low and lost recently - unsure of my purpose and direction .... he helped me confirm that working with animals was my true goal and something that I must pursue.


After the healing session with him I felt it in my heart chakra - I felt pain but it wasn't unpleasant. It stayed with me for about an hour after we left but then went as quickly as it came. I found that he's given me my 'joie de Vivre' back, the energy boost I needed, built my confidence up, cemented the fact that he can feel what I'm doing is positive and helpful to him and that he trusts and reciprocates the healing experience is very very special.  I had no idea how strong and powerful Bernard's energy would be. The effects are immediate; far better and purer than anything I have experienced before and even my family commented on how I had changed, lightened up and wasn't so pent up with the frustration that I had been carrying around. We have so much to learn and it just shows that animals with their unconditional, non judgemental love can show us the way. '

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