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Energy Healing

Many of us, without knowing it, give to and receive healing from our animals and nature on a very simple level. By just loving and caring for not only ourselves but our pets too and appreciating the beauty and peace of the natural world we draw to us energies that heal.


We live in an ever-changing world where stress is high due to the increasing demands made on our time and our lives by the society we live in. This has far reaching effects on our wellbeing and those around us including our animals, so it makes sense to learn ways of dealing with this, so everyone benefits. Healing ourselves increases our energy and wellbeing, we become happier, have more control over our lives, make better choices which all in all raises our level of consciousness and energy vibration. This in turn has a knock-on effect on those around us and allows us to start healing our animals and become aware of our animals healing us too.

What is Energy?


Quantum physics has been studying the origin of particles of matter for over a century and have found that material things e.g., rocks, trees, animals, people are composed of two things. These are observable matter such as atoms, cells; and subtle energy fields which we cannot see but which have organised vibrational energy patterns in constant dynamic balance with each other. 


These vibrational energy patterns consist of varied wave frequencies like radio waves  and they are the absolute foundation of our planet and everything on it. As everything is made of energy then there is no separateness but an unseen connection between everything including our animals. This is why our animals know how we are truly feeling and react to us unexpectedly, how we get instant feelings about people we have just met, or we think of phoning someone just before they call us.


Energy is a force that has the ability to make changes to anything it is directed to.  e are using it, creating it, and emitting it from our body creating an energy field around us,  called the Aura. It is this field that is our primary source of interaction with our environment receiving information ahead of our nervous system and brain.

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Energy Healing Sessions


I work with both the animal and their carer to enable the best outcome possible for both. Very often animal problems can be related to the feelings, emotions, thoughts and physical complaints that we are experiencing. Our pets are very aware of our state of being and want to help us but they can't relay that to us because we have forgotten how to be intuitive and to notice subtle cues in their behaviour. By helping you as a carer to become more aware of your way of being and your intuition you can then learn to be more proactive in healing your animal companion. 

I will ask you to be as fully involved as possible - observing changes and giving me regular feedback, receiving healing at the same time as your animal if/when necessary in a session, and learning some basic tools to help you to help your animal yourself. In this way your animal companion is offered a holistic approach with the best outcome that can be achieved at the time and you will feel more empowered to help your pet yourself.

Charges : £60 for the first session lasting about 1.5 hrs where I will do a home visit if not too far away, do a consultation to find out more about your pet and provide you with an information pack.

£120 for 3 follow up sessions each lasting about 1 hour, usually a week apart depending on circumstances. This helps to build up the animal’s energy resources and boost their ability to self-heal.

£40 per follow up session where progress is reviewed each time with a decision as to whether to continue.


Healing can be very effective for both acute and chronic problems but those that have been around for a while can take some time and more sessions to improve than an acute problem depending on the animal. I can also offer distant healing for those who cannot get to me or are too far to make a home visit and if possible they can be done over Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.


Please contact me if you would like to talk about healing for your companion animal. There is no obligation and I will be honest and say if I feel I cannot help.

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